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Server Manager

Servers made convenient

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Server Manager is a convenient way to keep track and manage all your FileMaker Servers. It syncs your server list over iCloud so your servers are available on any device wherever you are. It shows schedules in your current time zone so you know exactly when a schedule will run or has ran. Compatibility with the Shortcuts App allows you to get server info into other apps and services.

Servers, Passwords and iCloud

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Keep a list of all your servers. The icon will update when you connect to show you the OS the server is running on. To sort your server the way you want you can tap the edit button on iOS or just simply drag the servers in macOS.


Server Manager can keep your passwords safe and easy to access. When you login to your server simply check the box to "Save in Keychain" and your credentials are securely stored in your Keychain. If you would like to change the credentials you can just click the user icon to logout and start again. You can even login with your Claris ID when you are using a Claris FileMaker Cloud server. If you have MFA enabled you will be prompted for the code. After that if you save your credentials you will be immediately logged into your server using the refresh token that was saved. To login to your server you will be asked for your device password, confirmation on your Apple Watch or Touch/Face ID.

iCloud Sync
Your server list and passwords can be synced with iCloud to each of your devices. iCloud sync requires iCloud Drive to be enabled along with Keychain.

Shortcuts App & Siri

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Use the shortcuts app to fetch info about your servers automatically. Incorporate the results into other workflows.

  • Get Server status
  • Get Volume Statistics
  • List Clients Connected
  • List Databases
  • List Schedules
  • More coming soon

In the example image here I am checking the status of my schedules. I get the server schedules then loop the results. When there is an error I am adding it to a ToDo list. Then in the morning I am alerted there are schedules that need my attention. Its like magic!
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The Dashboard gives you an overview of your server.
  • Get info about your server
  • View volume statistics
  • See how many clients are connected and what client they are using
  • See your largest databases
  • View the status of schedules
  • Monitor your REST usage and limit
  • Get info about your license

(What widgets appear in your dashboard are dependent on the version of server you are using)


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View your databases and track their status
  • Sort your databases by any metric
  • Perform database actions such as close, open, pause, resume or even remove.
  • Click on a database and see the connected clients.
  • Use the search or filters to get to your databases with ease.
  • Launch your database in FileMaker or WebDirect directly from the database.

(Database removal requires FileMaker Server 19.3.1 or later)


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Get an overview of your connected clients.
  • Sort your clients by any metric
  • Send messages or disconnect clients
  • Click on a client to see more detailed info
  • View Clients from the databases section.


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Time Zone
Your schedule dates appear in your local Time Zone. Forget needing to convert things or deal with time changes. Server Manager does it for you.

Run, view, create, edit and delete schedules
The schedule editor allows you to edit your schedule in an intuitive interface with native date pickers. Use the search bar to get to the database you are running your schedule from quickly. In Claris FileMaker Cloud choose a different account to have the schedule run from than the server admin account. It even supports FMA when switching accounts. Run schedules immediately from the schedules list. See the status of all your schedules quickly and filter or search them.


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In the general settings update your servers cache size, max files, pro connections, max PSOS and more.

(Not available for servers using Claris FileMaker Cloud)

Enable additional database folders
  • Update default backup folder path
  • Update progressive backup folder path
  • Enable progressive backups
  • Update progressive backup folder path

(Requires on premise server using 19.2.1 and up)

Enable email notifications settings

(Requires on premise server using 19.0.1 and up)

FileMaker Clients
Adjust clients
  • Enable timeout for Go & Pro
  • Adjust Go & Pro timeout settings
  • Adjust Web Direct timeout
  • Choose wether to hide databases by user authentication

(Requires on premise server using 19.3.1 and up)


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Web Publishing Engine
Web DIrect
  • Enable or disable Web Direct
  • Link to your launch center url
  • View your total connections

Web Publishing Machines
  • View each machine individually
  • Enable or disable each machine

Data API & OData
Data API
  • Enable or disable Data API
  • View REST usage limits

  • Enable or disable OData

  • Enable or disable ODBC/JDBC

  • View your plugins in a list
  • Configure plugins settings
  • Enable or disable individual plugins
CWP Settings (XML, PHP)

  • Enable or disable XML publishing
  • Enable or disable PHP
  • Enable or disable Data Pre-Validation
  • Enable Use FileMaker PHP
  • Edit Character Encoding
  • Edit Error Message Language


FileMaker License
  • View and update your FileMaker License
  • Manually sync your license