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FM Admin Console continues to work but has been replaced by Server Manager

FM Admin Console - No longer supported

FM Admin Console leverages the features of the FileMaker Admin API to enhance the experience of administering FileMaker Servers.

Conveniently keep tabs on servers, users and databases. Create, edit or run schedules with ease. Quickly check and update server settings. Compatible with FileMaker Cloud 18 or FileMaker Server 18

- Keep tabs on your servers and easily sign in with Touch ID or Face ID.
- Quickly get an overview of databases and clients.

- Close, pause or resume your servers databases.
- View database info.

- Disconnect clients.
- Message clients.
- View client info.

- Supports Create, edit, duplicate and deletion of
1) FileMaker script schedules.
2) Message schedules.
3) Verify schedules.*
4) System Script schedules.*
5) Script Sequence schedules.*
6) Backup Schedules*
- Create schedules easily with dynamic options.
- View the status of your schedules.
- Run schedules on demand.

- Control CWP settings such as PHP, XML and ODBC/JDBC*
- Control General settings like Max PSOS, Require Secure etc.*
- Control Web Publishing including multiple wpe machines.
- Control Data API and view stats.

* ( Not available on FileMaker Cloud )